BE FEARLESS! | 23rd COLLECTION | FearlessPhotographersCom Award

Actually, a long time ago I was advised by a good friend to sign up FEARLESSPHOTOGRPHERS.COM, for one thing I have not done it, and it was a very long time.
2 years later …..
Exactly the beginning of July 2014 I officially became a member of FEARLESSPHOTOGRAPHERS.COM, and right also to 23rd COLLECTION competition registration opened, I tried to upload i have 15 pictures and have been pre-screened.
And It was not easy, right today, Wednesday 10 September 2014, one of my photo of the entry that I sent FEARLESSPHOTOGRAPHERS AWARD …….. wow happy. Because a lot of people trying to get the award and it was not easy and I am now getting them.
Good initial motivation for the next step.

Photo was taken at the wedding of Jordan and Merry at Which is where the current weather and the rain and the guests and couple uses an umbrella to implement Balloon Released, there I had to think quickly to focus, and composition of the object. Thank you to Jordan and Merry.

Be Fearless!