The Curve | 25th COLLECTION | FearlessPhotographersCom Award

Not easy, is quite difficult to get it

The second award of the Fearless Award held by

Fearless Award is Every 2 months, a curated competition is open for submissions from our members. Of Reviews These submissions, less than 3% are selected by a panel of Curators as Fearless Awards” photographs that excel in Redefining wedding photography. Reviews These awards are added to the photographersportfolios pages and are used to Determine Reviews their rankings.

And Congratulation to my client who had given the opportunity to make this photo, Ari and Ira prewedding session while shooting them, and our photographer Bayu Gunadharma.

Coincidence there is a swarm of ducks when it, and when it happened to be passing us by duck-shaped curve” when we asked the shepherd duck past us.

And we are very lucky!