Sun Yi Yi & Wang Yun | Bali Wedding Day | by Widiantara

Looking for something diffrent with beautiful scenery is one of the reason why our clients enforce their wedding in Bali.

One of them is Sun Yi Yi & Wang Yun from China, Simple Wedding not more than 4 hours attended by their parents and organized by Millenium Tours & Wedding Bali they look Sky Chapel at Le Meridien Hotel Jimbaran Bali as wedding venue

Eventhought its simply wedding but the ceremony runs smoothly and solemn with beautiful decoration and venue set up

Widiantara as their official photographer captured all moments into a story, and they love it.

photographer by Widiantara – Infocusbali Photography | wedding company by Millenium Tours & Wedding Bali | wedding venue at Sky Chapel, Le Meridien Hotel Jimbaran – Bali

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