Kiandra & Harold | Bali Postwedding by bayugunadharma

Jimbaran Bay, a bay that tucked in on the South of Bali,
where it’s pristine sands and the nook of Ngurah Rai’s
airport’s runaway protects the bay stretch from the harsh
pounding waves of Open Ocean. These days the bay is
gaining its limelight by its fresh seafood market that
peppered the area once the night falls.

The freshly wed, coming all the way from the concrete jungle
– city ofl light; Hong Kong, Harnold and Kiandra are more
than ready to exchange the vow and happily tied the knot in
the front of the glistening Indian Ocean, at the lush setting of
Four Season Jimbaran Bali. The sun was surprisingly warm,
not as fierce like how it love to be in these time around, it
rays reflected sporadically by the calm ocean water, while
the caressing salty ocean wind brought the romance even

The bay has become a witness on how this love filled couple
will grow up and facing all the laughter and tears together,
till the end of time.

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