Linlay’s Family | Singapore Familyphoto


A small – tight knit blood related which usually consist of

parents and kids, but on a deeper meaning; family are a unit

of people whose share a same goals and values, in a long

term commitments to one another, where the daily lives are

colored with laughter’s and some even with tears.

Linlay family from Singapore realize that every move and

moment in family are priceless and can not be rewind,

therefore they decide to take a day off from their daily

grinds to document their precious moments of love and


A simple love between husband, wife and their two gorgeous

kids are well spent on outdoor under the bright sky of

Punggol. The sunlight were abundant on that day, the balmy

weather of the bustling Singapore even felt like been turned

down two notches, even stalling for a few minutes to witness

the love that been bursting out from this family.

“ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind”

–Lilo & Stitch-