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I’m a husband of a good wife and a father of a cheery Son.I was born in Bandung 1979, and once studied psychology in university. I really love my family and friends. I discovered photography from my father who has it as a hobby.

But the time when I started falling in love with it was in 2004, from the date my ex colleague gave me a camera. In 2006, I decided to have it as a profession, starting from fashion, products and commercial photography. And that love and passion continue on until today.
I love food, listen to music, and celebrating moments to spice up my life.


LOMBOK ISLAND // promo package

is our latest promo by 2015, LOMBOK ISLAND at a price


“Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours,

Zhu Bo Jun & Li Ya Bin | Bali Weddings

Yes, it’s a simple wedding, Just wedding ceremony

Kelly & Eric | Bali Postwedds by bayugunadharma

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to


We enjoy the process. 9 years for joy and emotion.

Wira & Ray | bali maternity | by Gian Utama

A special moment with you safely growing inside of me.

Chien Yu Feng & Hsieh Yu Ju | Bali Weddings | by Widiantara

Chien Yu Feng & Hsieh Yu Ju, they married in Bali a

Frisca & Michael | Bali Post Weddings | by BAYUGUNADHARMA

Frisca and Michael live in Australia, one of our client

Beautiful Day | Rick & Rachel | Bali Weddings

In October to witness the wedding of Rick and Rachel at

SINGAPORE 2015 | By BayuGunadharma | Prewedding Destination 2015

Hello LoveBirds, In August 2015, we are going to

Hakim & Yaty | Bali PostWeddings | by BAYUGUNADHARMA

“I want people to know if our pictures in Bali&#

Kayan & Vita | Bali Maternity Day | by BAYUGUNADHARMA

 There is something special about photographing a

Jorge & Lei Ni | Bali Weddings | by BAYUGUNADHARMA

Bvlgari Hotel is one of the best wedding venue in Bali

Denny & Jessica | Africa of Java Prewedding Day | by BAYUGUNADHARMA

At 4am we had in front of the entrance of the

Natali & Sergey | Bali PostWedding Day | by BAYUGUNADHARMA

“We only had 2 hours, can you do a photoshoot for