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I’m a husband of a good wife and a father of a cheery Son.I was born in Bandung 1979, and once studied psychology in university. I really love my family and friends. I discovered photography from my father who has it as a hobby.

But the time when I started falling in love with it was in 2004, from the date my ex colleague gave me a camera. In 2006, I decided to have it as a profession, starting from fashion, products and commercial photography. And that love and passion continue on until today.
I love food, listen to music, and celebrating moments to spice up my life.


The Curve | 25th COLLECTION | FearlessPhotographersCom Award

Not easy, is quite difficult to get it … The

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1 day goes to 2015. still remember one of our special

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Bvlgari Hotels & resort one of the best resort in

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When should I do when a client we ask the same location

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“Great effort and the best team with absolutely

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Bali is one of the favorite places for married couples

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For the first time we shoot the weddings in the city of

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Actually, a long time ago I was advised by a good

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First met with Depus & Mirah, I already thought

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“I like the color of colorful, bright and sharp,

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2 years ago, we were given the opportunity to go to

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For the first time we visited Menjangan Resort and

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Indonesia consists of several cultural regions, because

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Ashraf & Maryam, they are from singapore, they know

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12 January 2014 , very special day for Jordan &

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Kiky & Tusin, they initially Our client prewedding

Love Birds | Bella Donna The Wedding | Magazine

That opportunity does not come to all men, and the

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they were a happy family, living in Jakarta and in Bali

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Their Indonesian people who live in singapore, and is

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the day before their baby is born, they both want to be