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I’m a husband of a good wife and a father of a cheery Son.I was born in Bandung 1979, and once studied psychology in university. I really love my family and friends. I discovered photography from my father who has it as a hobby.

But the time when I started falling in love with it was in 2004, from the date my ex colleague gave me a camera. In 2006, I decided to have it as a profession, starting from fashion, products and commercial photography. And that love and passion continue on until today.
I love food, listen to music, and celebrating moments to spice up my life.


Beautiful & Handsome | Wira & Ray | Bali Prewedding Day

Happy, funny, laughing and loving, that’s them.

Faithfully | Makato & Yuriko | Bali Postwedding Day

Makato & Yuriko, they were on vacation in Bali, and

Almost Paradise | Venny + Adi | Bali Prewedding Day

23 March 2014 , they chose the date after meeting me .

we are family | Iman’s family | Bali Family Day

We know Iman’s family very well especially his

Holiday in Bali | Machiko & Yo | Bali Prewedding Day

This time our couple comes from Japan, Machiko&Yo.