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Sun Yi Yi & Wang Yun | Bali Wedding Day | by Widiantara

Looking for something diffrent with beautiful scenery

Uli & Lian | Bali Weddings | by WIDIANTARA

Uli & Lian Wedding’s is festal and touching.

Lost in Love | Johnson & Ava | Bali Wedding Day

Bvlgari Hotels & resort one of the best resort in

My First & My Last | Rini & Ronald | Bali Wedding Day

Bali is one of the favorite places for married couples

Love of a Lifetime | Susan & Andry | Paris Van Java Wedding Day

For the first time we shoot the weddings in the city of

BE FEARLESS! | 23rd COLLECTION | FearlessPhotographersCom Award

Actually, a long time ago I was advised by a good

beauty of difference | Leman & Silfie | Bali Wedding Day

Indonesia consists of several cultural regions, because

It’s Your Love | Jordan & Merry | Bali Wedding Day

12 January 2014 , very special day for Jordan &